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Intent Productions is a tent rental company with a very important difference. We work solely with the Stretch Tent. Integral in its inception and the first to introduce the beautiful Stretch Tent into Europe, Intent Productions boast unrivalled experience in the application of these incredible structures.

We are hugely excited to announce that we will be crossing the pond from London to introduce them to the US.

The need to compromise between form and function is over

There is nothing quite like a Stretch Tent. Its graceful architectural lines offer a beautiful alternative to what is currently available on the market. It requires no lining or draping and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Our tents will add a new dimension to any event, instantly rendering them spectacular and memorable.

Stretch Tents are able to conform to the environment, as opposed to finding an environment to conform to the tent. They can be changed in their set-up every time and can act as free-standing structures.

Without a cumbersome frame the tent’s unique two-way stretch material allows it to be attached to buildings or structures, be put up on different levels, on slopes, over stairs and even indoors. Stretch Tents are fully weatherproof and depending on requirements and conditions can be configured to offer either a cosy and comfortable environment or an airy and free-flowing space to compliment beautiful surroundings with a combination of sides up and down. However you use it the impact will be enormous.

Unlike traditional framed tents, Stretch Tents are lightweight and compact making them easy to transport, erect and take down. This keeps labor costs and environmental damage down to a minimum.

Our website is currently being re-designed but please feel free to explore our online gallery for more examples of our work. For a clear idea of what it is like inside one of our Stretch Tents please click here.

If you have any further questions and would like to speak to somebody at Intent Productions USA please call Tom Hill on 424 236 1063 or send him an email at