Today we are issuing a buy rating on the price of gold. The current price levels should provide investors with a strong return over the next year. In fact, gold is up more than 400% in the last decade and is increasing 25% to 30% annually. How have your investments done?

The continuing printing of dollars from the Federal Reserve is risking inflation around the world. Just this week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was answering questions in front of Congress about the threat of inflation now climbing in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Despite this threat to your hard earned savings, the Federal Government is talking about another stimulus program, QE3, which could put our nation further into debt and increase the risk of devaluating the dollar. Our nation printed 118% more dollars than we had just a year ago.

Think about it…

In 1992 you could have bought a gallon of gasoline for less than $1 a gallon. Today, that same gallon of gasoline is over $3 per gallon. That’s what the government has done to the value of your dollar.

On the other hand, the price of one ounce of gold in 1992 was $330. Today…. $1360

What are you doing to preserve your wealth and to protect your family? Gold coins help insure your wealth against inflation and the accelerating threat of a dollar quickly losing its value.

We here, at Global Gold Group, are helping to protect Americans against losing their hard earned money to the destruction of inflation. We are offering people that receive this email a special free offer – our brand new 2011 Investment Gold Guide – as our gift to you. We don’t want your family’s wealth to decline along with the US paper dollar, so become more educated and protect your family’s wealth with American gold coins. Visit to receive this valuable gold guide for free.

Even more, we want to help protect your long term retirement from leaving you broke in your golden years because of the Federal Reserve’s reckless printing of money. Just like the price of gasoline, can your retirement savings afford the tripling of prices just decades from now? Please don’t risk your long term lifestyle on a Federal Government that devalues your savings by printing worthless dollars.

In fact, if you diversify some of your retirement funds, such as IRA or 401k funds, in a brand new gold IRA account with us, we will send you a FREE American Eagle gold coin for your possession.

The time is quickly running out on your savings and every day you delay, your dollar is worth less and less. Protect your savings for your future and the future of the ones you love. Call now 1-888-700-4148 or visit our website at for free information today.



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